What do we do?

Lawn and Yard Care is by far our most frequent service, in a nutshell it means making your home look great.

Unlike other Jims, we include almost everything as a standard – keeping it simple and reliable.
This includes,

  • Edging (an SMco specialty)
  • Mowing (mulch or catch, your choice)
  • Pruning where required
  • Removing your palm fronds/greenwaste
  • General tidy
  • Little things (within reason) you might need
  • Blowervac the yard and leave everything looking beautiful

For routine homes we also spray for weeds, maintain soil balance and fertilise.

How much does it cost?

This is a question many would like to know over the phone – unfortunately, just like our fingerprints, your home is unique. This doesn’t mean we can’t give you a rough idea though.

The homes and businesses we routinely maintain range from $30 – $70 per visit.

Why per visit? Seasonality. In summer, regular lawn and yard care is approximately once a fortnight. In the cooler months however we can safely dial it back to once every 3, even 4 weeks. There’s no set rule here, when you receive your reminder email a few days before we visit, if you think it’s slowing down let us know and we can move your booking back a week. In the same way, if rain and sunshine have your yard running riot and you’d like us to visit before the weekend when you’re having friends around – let us know and we’ll make it work.

What will affect my price?

There are a few common things that will affect the quoted price of your yard, some of the more straightforward to keep in mind are:

  • Size of your yard
  • Complexity of your yard (eg: a rectangle is going to be cheaper than say, a crop circle)
  • Is it overgrown?
  • Is your lawn in need of repair?

We do offer additional services if you’re after a particular result. Some of our customers have veggie gardens and have us organically fertilise every 6 to 8 weeks, others want to make sure they’re protected from lawn grubs with preventative treatments. These sorts of things we can run through when we visit.

What else do I need to know?

Not much. Lawnmowing and Yard Care is an inclusive service – we’re not there to go through a checklist of specific tasks and then run off, we’ve come to make your home look as good as it can. Some weeks there will be fronds and palm seed pods to cut and remove before they make a mess, other visits may be a straightforward edge, mow, blow, tidy and a chat, during storm season anything can happen.

One common question is whether hedge trimming is included – unfortunately it isn’t, similar to tree removal. These two tasks from one home to another can be entirely different in shape and size. That being said, if we’re talking a small hedge on the porch in a pot for example, no problems. If it runs the perimeter of your country club we’re going to need to quote that separately. The same applies with trees – some can be removed with a lawnmower (seriously) others are out of our league. Fear not though, we can arrange arborist quotes so you don’t have to. These are things we can chat about on the day and give you an idea of on the spot usually.

What next?

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