Wasps can (and will) remember your face.

Fact. Wasps remember human faces.

Most (or at least those with hedges in the yard) know one of natures least friendly, most persistently painful insects – the wasp – loves a luscious hedge to call home. And why wouldn’t they? Free rent, plenty of little insects to feed the kids, ample protection from the elements and to date, no wasp has ever been approved for a home loan – as far as housing goes, wasps are onto a winner.

Bees get one chance at glory + usually do it out of fear/defence.

Wasps on the other hand, are jerks – they’re quick, get as many stings as they like, have mates who love a scrap and often go for it because you side-eyed their house, sometimes even just because.

This happened to me the other day.

Context – I asked for it. Trimming hedges in a beautiful home (hassle free) in Shorncliffe + having met nests in the past I had a couple of cans of wasp killer in the ute. Mercilessly I sprayed and sprayed, and sprayed.

Back the next day to finish up, within 30 seconds I was under attack. Bad attack. Running for my life I called for some sort of over the phone miracle, and learned that wasps can actually recognise human facial features (not to mention smell fear pheromones) + associate this with their home being destroyed by some top bloke the day before and in their opinion, that’s a paddlin’.

Moral? If you’re going to kill wasps before you hedge, never do half a job. Call the legends at Sandgate Pest Control (not Sandgate Mowing – clearly not one of our strong points) and they’ll do it properly while you watch a movie.

Lesson learned.

They do look pretty bloody cool. Aspley Hornets chose well.

Don’t believe me, or want to know more? Here are a few links to science articles, and a couple of pretty cool 4K macro videos of the jerks.

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